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JD Dog 4 letterhead
This painting is referred to simply as J.D.’s Dog because he never told me what the name of his dog was! While working away from my family doing construction work on a project down in Santa Rosa, my boss was busy studying plans every free moment, so I had nothing to do. As an experiment, I loaded up materials from my studio and hit the road. Discussing this with my friend J.D., he suggested I paint him a picture of his dog who had recently died. Turned out fine!


Pride of the Past: participating in the healing of the V.V. Moving Wall
Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Event Weaverville, CA (composite of seven photographs) This is the ONLY picture like this due to the fact that it was created of a merging of numerous photos. This visit of the Traveling Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall took place for four days around July 4th in 2003. The composite was a challenge which took over three days to completely finish. 


Official USPS National Postmark printed in the USPS National Postmark catalog was available as a Postmaster Hand-Stamp on July 4, 2003

Rushmore Roundup Series (17)
This painting marathon to all the paintings before Friday’s 8 am Deadline began for me at 4 am Tuesday morning, lasting until the last painting was completed, ending at 5:30 pm Thursday evening. My youngest son was distracting me, perhaps the reason I looked so tired in this photo!


International “Rushmore Round- Up” (South Dakota, USA) [1991] presented by Australian Cattle Dog Association. Series of 17 original paintings commissioned for Premiere Trophy Category “Placement Awards.” Permission granted for the “first time ever done” awards was provided by National Kennel Club of America, USA Dog Show overseers.

Dog Show
Detail of original painting #1 of 17 Rushmore Roundup Series. Requirements: the same two Cattle Dogs had to appear in each picture with the Bad Lands in the background and an example of a cattle dog healing, aside for the obvious Mt. Rushmore faces. Rest could be changed.

Accomplishments, Accolades

Public Relations Chair – Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall (1/3) Event       Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 7705

Webmaster, Author, Illustrator – Spirit Driven™ Theta Healing

Alt. Commissioner [2nd Term] – Trinity Local Area Formation                              Committee (CALIFORNIA STATE LAFCO)

Webmaster/ Emergency Services Director – Trinity Community                          Access Media – PBS Ch 22 (TCCAM)

Secretary, Co-Coordinator – Trinity Emergency Operations &                            Communications (TEOC)

Secretary, Co-Creator – Trinity County Arts Council Association                     {501c3 Agency} (TCARTS)

Secretary/Board of Directors Member – Trinity County Arts Council                [Trinity County Agency] (TCARTS)

Alternate Commissioner [1st Term] – Trinity Local Area Formation                  Committee (CALIFORNIA STATE LAFCO)

Publicity & Relations Chair – [T.A.E.Y.C. Children’s Faire]                                      Nat’l Assoc. for Education of Young Children (Tehama Chapter)

LINERITER Free-Lance Arts & Graphics – Tehama County Business                  1989 – 2000


1st Place [Ports de Bras Contest] – Ballet North Poster Contest –                      Tehama County Dec 2000

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (Professional) – Tehama “Sun Country” Fair                          July 1991

“Best of Show”, 1st, 3rd Place (Amateur) – Tehama Totem Fair                            July 1969

Published Works

Feature ArticleTehama County Fairgrounds Mural Project                              Red Bluff Daily News – Sept 2008

U.S.P.S. National Postmark Design  – “Moving Wall Station” – Hand            Stamped on JULY 4, 2003 – Published in the U.S.P.S. “Postal                    Bulletin” Magazine (2003) & U.S.P.S. National Website

Public Relations Releases:

“Purple Heart Postage Stamp Honors Sacrifices of Those Who Served”  –        U.S.P.S. National Bulletin – Published : Sacramento Bee                                Newspaper & USPS Website – June 2003

“Santa Claus at the Moving Wall in July? It’s the Real Deal!”                                 U.S.P.S. National Bulletin – Published Article: San Jose Register,            Trinity Journal Newspapers – June 2003

“A True American Hero” – National Release Article – National News              Agencies & Internet – Published Article: Trinity Journal                              Newspaper – Front Page -Oct 2003

Newspaper Article (written for a friend):

“T’was The Night Before Thanksgiving”  – Front Page Bi-Line Feature                Article – Published in Redding Record  Searchlight Newspaper, Red Bluff Daily News Newspaper – both during Nov 2000

Education, Licenses, Certificates

Shasta College Outreach                                  Dynamic Figure Drawing          by Disney Studios Artist at Red Bluff Art Association

Autodesk Civil 3D 2007/08 [68+ hrs] Online Webcasts & Tutorials              Brookings, OR

Autodesk ADT 2006              [120+ hrs] Online Webcasts & Tutorials              Weaverville, CA

Between the Lines Tech.       [Cert. 2005] AutoCAD ADT 2002/2004 –        Redding, CA

American Red Cross             [Cert. 2005] Mass Care: An Overview                        Shasta Chapter, CA

American Red Cross             [Cert. 2004] Community First Aid & Safety          Shasta Chapter, CA

American Red Cross             [Cert. 2004] Adult, Infant & Child CPR                    Shasta Chapter, CA

American Traffic Assoc.         [Lic. 2002] Registered Flagger                                  Redding, CA

Laborers Training Center       [Lic. 2000] All Terrain Forklift Operation  Dublin, CA

Modesto Site Job Training     [Lic. 1992] Hilti .22 Cal & Tool Operation Modesto, CA

Airbrush Action Getaway    [Cert. 1989] Adv. Commercial Illustration Orlando, FL

Airbrush Action Getaway    [Cert. 1989] Commercial Illustration              San Francisco, CA

Laborers Training Center   [Cert. 1980] General Const. (Trade Tools) Dublin, CA

Shasta College Outreach  [3.85 GPA] Upholstery, Anatomy & Phys,    Red Bluff, CA                                                  Legal Aspects of Evidence,                                                                                               German
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