Estne Nihil Sanctum? (Is Nothing Sacred?)

“Estne Nihil Sanctum” asks not, “isn’t anything sacred?” but “is nothing sacred?” It seems subtle, but there’s a world of difference. Warning: Spoiler Alert for the YouTube segment & next heading, but see the movie anyway – it has some great laughs and funny setups!

Everyone wants hAp’PįNïSs

A woman’s accent from the emphasis her accent places upon the words and how it sounds, brought me to ROTFLMAO (roll on the floor laughing my ass off) because I’d not seen anything about it.

It points out the difficulties of communication with accents when saying particular phrases. Communication as the culprit happens all the time nowadays in conversation and often in texts . . . usually by accident, from laziness, spellcheck, or human error, communication problems occur daily to just about everyone that has a cellphone.

Often, the very words we say, because of how we say them, leads to many of those errors, or mishaps, and can cause arguments, or simply miscommunication…at times, I am sure, with extremely dire consequences. Terrible consequence could occur and probably does, quite often, although this type of situation would definitely be either something not revealed or hidden, if at all possible.

On August 29, 2014, Kyle Wiens of iFixit wrote:

“…fixers and makers are cut from different cloth. Makers put things together; fixers take them apart. One creates new gizmos; the other rebuilds existing ones. But I’ve always thought that, under the skin, they’re incredibly similar — two different sides of the same coin. We are, all of us, tinkerers. We’re motivated by the same ideals: an inexhaustible curiosity, an appreciation for things done by hand, a sentimental attachment to the smell of wood shavings, and a never-ending pursuit of understanding the things around us. As tinkerers, we become more…”

Common Sense is Taught

…more involved, curious, investigative. (to finish the sentence of the quote.) This is where common sense starts, yet if a child is not allowed the time to figure it out all by their self or, after watching the child wrestle with their problem for some time, waits until the child asks for help and explaining a solution while watching the child attempt the solution with their own hands,

Art of Bikram Yoga ~ cc sa by 2.0
Art of Bikram Yoga – Ow…hurts me just lookin’ at her…OMG! How does? WOW! ~ CC BY-ND 2.0

I agree. Although there may be some which would not agree, I’ve always been driven by a need to know what makes things work. Take, for instance, the picture above. How she can bend her legs in such a way without messing up her knee joints, all has to do with her yoga training, stretching and exercises. We all have the capability for doing miraculous things if we apply ourselves towards a goal.

Chasing a goal . . . sideways

We’ve all had that experience where no matter what we do, we seem to find a goal intangible for a certain period of time. Some things just warrant more time than others…even if someone we knew just did it. Why is it that the same thing in the same place brings different results? I think it has to do with a lot of factors: intention, belief, needs, wants, and the worst — sabotage thinking. On some things, we feel we cannot accomplish our goal. It can come from certain things we are taught, especially during youth. The story of the “Little Engine that Could” is about sabotage thinking and overcoming it.

The Little Engine That Could ~ CC BY 2.0
“Little Engine That Could” ~ by Cliff on Flickr (CC by 2.0)

Sabotage thinking is not that uncommon, occurring to the best of us, unconsciously, most of the time, and usually without our knowledge or recall of the incident which brought it about. It can be a simple as a sound or tune you hear, a particular set of circumstances, or even a simple gesture someone does towards you. These little imps of life can destroy your best-laid plans, install a ruse behind your steps towards something, or thwart one’s ambition, though-processes, or best intentions. It is that invisible wall which prevents success in the manner we dream of for something. Sadly, most of us has it for something…the one big reason why we are not all wealthy I suppose. At least this applies to me in some way.

Hindsight, the great teacher, has shown me (unfortunately after the fact) that I’ve had a few of those “big breaks which will change your life” come by that I totally and unfortunately, missed. “SWOOSH right over the head” said one comedian I remember, in his act . . . or as Homer Simpson says, “Doh!”

Discovery of these kinds of flaws in our personality can take years, decades, or even an entire lifetime, never seen by the person themselves. If we have good friends or relatives, we learn at an early age, so we can at the very least, know where to start working from to change our life’s direction. Would you drive into a hole in the road after you’ve seen the rut? Ironically, a lot of people do exactly that, even after learning they have sabotage inside themselves.

Our Responsibility as Guide

Whether we choose to have offspring of our own or not, our duty as human beings is to guide. Guide everyone to make our world, this world, a better place. Oh sure, there will be those who lose their way and forget to guide, succumb to personal ravages within and jump into drugs (alcohol, medications, illicit drug use, etc.) or reclusiveness (hermit, vagabond, bum, drunkard, etc.), or play like they do not matter (self-depreciation, self-deprivation, etc.) or just plain lack of mindfulness in the present by reliving trauma or drama.

There are a million ways we become invisible, only the length of time we do it varies. For some it is rare, yet for others, it’s like they have no self. The reasons vary from individual to individual, yet they are all based on pain. We become invisible to avoid pain in our present.

Working with my children to fix things before they really understood, taught curiosity, common sense & problem solving skills just by being with them each day. letting them participate, plus answering questions as honestly and factually as possible ~ courtesy Cavette Collection
Working with my children to fix things before they really understood, taught curiosity, common sense & problem solving skills just by being with them each day. letting them participate, plus answering questions as honestly and factually as possible ~ courtesy Cavette Collection

Life is a journey and our responsibility as parents is to educate others, build curiosity, increase integrity, instill morals, offer guidance, and let them develop to their greatest potential as individuals to contribute their best for betterment of our world.

This is a responsibility each person has as a human being to propagate continuance of our species. It is both selfish to endeavor to continue our species and selfless to continue our species . . . and we assume this pledge upon birth into this existence, whether we realize it or not. Sometime in our life it will matter, even if only for an instant in the subconscious of our mind, it will be a full thought — which our free will allows us to dismiss or admit into the conscious — yet it will happen. GUARANTEED . . . someday you shall be struck.

Choice: a Luxury taken for Granted

Who? Why? How? Where? Because??? We all ask for help. From our parents, our friends, our personal support gang, a stranger standing nearby . . . someone. Anyone. We need help so we ask for it and we get it. Right or wrong, we get help. Good or bad, we get advice or advisement, the latter, by far, being the most valuable, because someone actually went through it and can offer their experience. Experience is a teacher in the school of hard knocks. Our first and last, every time and each time. Nothing we do will always work as it did before, because each time we do something, it is new . . . until it has been done.

Our choices make or break us. They make us rich or poor or we take the middle ground. Regardless, we do the best we can at the time and timing is everything. When the cards line up and all our ducks are in a row, we shine! Yet when the unexpected hits, we fail. Then we learn and do it again or walk away. Is it better to turn the page and walk away? Sometimes. Yet eventually we will follow the grief and cry for it. today, tomorrow or 20 years from now, we still have to deal with our grief. If we choose the right day to deal with it, the pain is lessened because we can see in our hindsight it was for the best.

WHAT??? Bull-hokey bunk! That is a personal lie we tell ourselves to lessen the blow. To shut off a portion of our life and pretend we didn’t participate, is to lose all of what we learned and gained, while allowing it to haunt us, appearing when it wants, not in a way we can control.

You never stop loving anyone you ever loved. FACT. It’s a failed love, a broken heart, a love not accepted . . . yet it still exists. Unloving someone is erasing experience in life or deleting time. Only a fool truly believes they can stuff a part of their life eternally. Amnesia doesn’t count because it is involuntary and if you have a true blank in life, you seek to fill the blank, even if only unconsciously.

We can choose to hide things from ourselves, but they will resurface eventually. And if our love was truly to the full depth of our heart, it will always be there, the hurt only diminishing over time, yet always there. You may hate that person because of their baggage, yet even then, if the sorting was done properly, the love will be seen. If sorting was incomplete, it will resurface and not always when you desire to deal with it, at a most inopportune time. Not always a choice we desire to make, yet it happens, because love is what life is about. We simply can’t truly unlove. We can only bury that love we once had with our pain. Love remains because it is the true purpose of life.

So, what do we do to fix it? Deal with it. Face it. Cowboy up. OUCH!! I HATE THAT. Sounds like a personal problem to me (snicker, snicker) because it-is-your-personal-problem-until-you-deal-with-it. “@#$%&/!” I hate that too. Life is hard and then we die. WTF? Who said that? Do you actually believe it? So-Sorry-For-You-Then. Loser. You made a choice to sit down on the job of “finishing yourself” and became “Less-Than”. Life is only as hard as we choose to allow it to be.

Ruby red slipper rip-off ~ courtesy Ruby Slippers / Oz theme Christmas tree skirt - no good for witch Modifications: enlarged house, removed boots, adjusted yellow bricks, added ruby slippers
Wicked Witch Ruby Red Slippers ~ courtesy Wikipedia: Ruby Slippers (Public Domain)/ Flickr tsayrate: Oz theme Christmas tree skirt – no good for witch Modifications: enlarged house, removed boots, adjusted yellow bricks, added ruby slippers (CC BY 2.0)

“Bullshit!!!” you say, “I didn’t choose to have than house fall on me and let Dorothy take my slippers!” Oh, but you did.

Choice . . . can’t live without it, can’t live with it, but life goes on anyway, like it, or not. We are our own worst enemy where it comes to pain. We naturally avoid it, rather than face it and deal with it, because although temporary, pain trips our time circuits inside and feels like forever while we are in it. Yet that too, is a choice! Believe it! Whaa!

We choose to feel. Everything is choice. Wham! Pow! Zam-oh! True confessions Dude, or Dudette. It’s all choice. Don’t believe me? Remember that time you bumped your toe while running after your sister that spit water on you and made you mad? Or the time your child started to fall onto a sharp object and you got your hand spiked saving them from harm? Or when you jammed your finger but saved your favorite coffee cup from shattering? Or some other time you hurt yourself but decided to ignore it because there was a more pressing issue . . . anger, safety, sentimental reasons . . . choices. You chose not to feel the pain and either delayed or completely ignored it. Parents do it to their infants all the time – distract them and the crying stops. Why?

We are taught to react – to every, single, thing we have a reaction about! We also choose the length of time we decide to stay within that particular emotional state. Swoosh. Head spinning, right? Yep, for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Every emotion, every incident, every hurt, every pain. We choose whether it warrants months, minutes or just an instant. We create our own suffering based on what we were taught to believe. It extends into everything about us

Epsilon = Έψιλον = e

The movie, Alien Visitor, or Epsilon, as it is called in a later release, provides an obviously simple lesson about human emotions and how illogical the human can be when seen from an “outside” perspective.

At one point in the movie (at precisely 1:13) , the visitor gets upset. She’s only upset for a certain period of time, then suddenly stands up and declares, “Okay, I’m done.” Yet that is exactly what we do. We are trained how to do emotion, the same as how to tie our shoelaces. We simply do not realize it unless we think about it.

Therefore, we can change emotions too. We can amend, adjust and change emotions, to become different. It can happen from deep within ourselves, in a conscious effort. This is basically what happens in training during boot camp for all the military services, worldwide, in varying degrees depending on what they desire to achieve.

Both of my two sons joined the U.S. Marine Corps. In a short period of time at boot camp they changed from adolescents into men. Not completely, but enough to accomplish the duties expected of them. As they explained, they were broken down completely, emotionally driven into uncontrollable tears, then retrained in control of their emotions, rather than their emotions controlling them. They learned restraint and how to apply it to situations by mental exercise, so they could force themselves to overcome emotions when it is necessary to save their lives and the lives of their colleagues.

This is a fantastic asset, one we all should learn at a very young age to apply to our lives. How different would be the world, were this so?


The permittivity of a substance is a characteristic which describes how it affects any electrical field set up in it. A high permittivity tends to reduce and electrical field present. In terms of the human aura, high permittivity can literally change the “feel” of the entire room, regardless of the amount of people present. it’s like when you meet a person of exceptional “presence” that can bring the entire room up, or down, depending on their mood.

Tesla Coil is a radio frequency oscillator that drives a double-tuned resonant transformer to produce high voltages. We are all like a tesla coil ~ courtesy Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
While a Tesla Coil is a radio frequency oscillator that drives a double-tuned resonant transformer to produce high voltages, the human body is like a tesla coil in terms of the aura and it’s effects on other people ~ courtesy Wikipedia: Tesla coil (CC BY-SA 3.0)

If you clear your spirit often and build your personal aura, you will develop an increasingly larger aura of energy over time, which can be felt unconsciously by people when they come near you. It will quite literally “draw” people to you in need of energy like a moth to a light, so if you do not learn to control your emotional nature to maintain a positive focus, they can drain you “lickity-split” and leave you feeling quite spent, exhausted and depressed.

So, to be better equipped to deal with the varying nature of people, it is necessary to learn how to “call in” additional energy from the world around you. It takes a bit to learn but is relatively easy with a little practice, just as learning to focus your mind.

The aura is an effect  of the individual’s mind, emotions and spiritual nature. Whether healing an individual or energizing them, building your spiritual strength is a necessary step. Balancing your chakras is relatively easy, and with practice, can be done nearly instantly, just as energizing yourself and your aura. It has a lot to do with what you believe concerning limitations. Disregard limiting thoughts and embrace the speed of spiritual energy. It can be, and is, an instantaneous delivery system . . . yet only if you completely believe it to be so. Remove your doubt and know it is instantaneous and it is.

Limitation is taught to us on a constant basis. When I was a kid, that belief was not only changed by my parent’s belief systems and words to us children, but finally started to be taught publicly on the television show Kung Fu (<- link to pilot episode) during my late grammar school and early high school years. How to learn to recharge your chakras here. Another site has a good method here, that you can use and with a little practice, can use for an instant recharge.

Find a quiet place like a bathroom where you can be alone. Hold your hands before you, facing each other (ensure that the palms are about 2 inches apart). Concentrate on the space between them and on the palms of your hand. Eventually, you will feel a tingling sensation . . . this means that the chakras are getting activated.

Now, imagine a tearing sensation on both palms. Mentally rip open your palm chakras. You will feel strong pressure. Wait about a minute to stabilize. Now feel the palms absorbing great quantities of light from the air. Imagine light streaming into both palms. Allow the charging to proceed for about five minutes or until you feel a cessation of the flow.

Now open your arms fully at your sides, palms facing away from your body, and draw them above your head, gathering as much energy as possible from your surroundings.

Dantians of the body ~ courtesy Bostjan46 Wikimedia Commons
Dantians of the body ~ courtesy Bostjan46 Wikimedia (Public Domain)

Maintain a space of about two inches between your hands when they reach each other overhead, arms fully extended. Now rotate your wrists to face your body, and draw them toward your face, continuing past and down the front of your body, maintaining that two inch margin away from touching, your eyes following. Continue pulling all the energy down until you reach your lower dantian, located about three finger widths below your navel and two finger widths behind and inside you, turning your wrists inward to direct all that energy to that point. Repeat 3 – 5 times.

The more you focus your mind and practice clearing your energy field, then recharging your energy with fresh, positive energy . . . not only will you feel your energy grow, but so will other people around you. You can do this anytime you feel low energy throughout the day, but be sure to always clear your chakras first, so only positive energy enters your personal flow. If negativity comes into focus, stop and take a break. Go for a walk to change your mindset, then try again.

When under heavy stress, it is always far more difficult to focus. A great time to meditate is in the morning, while your mind is fresh. The energy of morning is clearer and cleaner, and will bring stronger vibrations, especially as the sun starts to rise.

I’d generally clear myself first thing after I arrived at work (I arrived 30 – 45 minutes early to allow enough time to meditate each day). Since retiring, I meditate after a cup of coffee, so I am alert, because I can concentrate much better then. Since I began this practice, it’s always made my day go smoother, with far less stress.

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